Abdominal Transplant Fellowship
Comprehensive Training & Innovative Research in Abdominal Transplantation

Transplant LogoThe UCSF Abdominal Transplant Fellowship Program, directed by Sandy Feng, M.D.,Ph.D., provides comprehensive training in abdominal transplantation. This includes the evaluation of transplant candidates, management of patients with chronic and acute liver disease, and care of organ transplant patients operatively, peri-operatively, and post-operatively.  

The program provides considerable exposure to deceased donor multi-organ procurement and living donor nephrectomy, and hepatectomy. There is a strong didactic program with numerous weekly meetings including a Transplant Mortality and Morbidity Conference, Kidney and Liver Selection Committees, Transplant Laboratory Group Meeting, Liver Transplant Pathology Conference, and  Transplant Seminar Series.